Kid’s Camp 2019-2020

Our Kid’s Camp is an event where families alike can sign their children up using fun and engaging STEM-Oriented activities taught via our robotics team! Children from ages 7-12 will be able to participate in activities such as a take-apart, where we teach the proper ways to use basic tools safely by taking apart old electronics donated to us by our team.


Unfortunately, we have filled our capacity for this year’s Kid’s Camp. If you are still interested in signing your children up for our Kid’s Camp waitlist (where if any parent has to remove their children for any reason, the people in the waitlist would replace their absence), fill out this form:

Chili Cook Off 2019-2020

The Chili Cook Off is an event we host with our community where we invite anyone who wants to compete their homemade chili against other members of the community’s chili in order to prove they are the best with the award of the Golden Ladle handed to the victor of the Cook Off.

If you want more information about or want to attend our event, fill out this form:

Women in STEM Soiree 2019

Cedar Park High School Robotics is hosting a special Women in STEM Soirée on Saturday, December 7, 2019. This special event is inviting women from STEM related fields in the surrounding community, as well as Austin area companies and organizations. Occupations do not need to be solely in the engineering field, as members of the community from all spectrums of the STEM fields, such a medical, science, technology, etc. are invited to share information. The main purpose of the event is to provide insight into STEM and to specifically show that women can aspire and excel in STEM related fields.

The Women in STEM Soirée will take place on Saturday, December 7 in the Cedar Park High School cafeteria from 3-7 pm. Each speaker will have a booth for students to engage in individual questions and gather information on your specific field. Thank you for your consideration. Cedar Park High School Robotics promotes Women in STEM – a team that takes pride in the numerous female members.


If you are interested in having a booth, please fill out the form via the link below:

2019 Mario Kart Tournament

Come to our Mario Kart Tournament at Cedar Park High School from 4 PM – 6 PM! It  will be held in the cafeteria. The entry fee is $5 for those who want to enter and we will be giving prizes to the top 3 competitors, so try your best to place above the rest!

Team 5052 2018: Power Up



Robot Details

Drive: 6 wheel tank drive

Intake: Green compliant wheels, each side individually controllable

Autonomous: Drive past the auto line and wait

Game Animation


ranking achieved, awards won

2018 Mario Kart Tournament

Do you enjoy Mario Kart? You might enjoy the Mario Kart Tournament from the CPHS robotics team!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 after school in the cafeteria.

There are only 32 slots, so make sure you sign up before it’s too late!

Team 5052 2017: Steamworks


Robot Details

Drive: 6 wheel tank drive

Intake: Passive “CD slot”

Autonomous: Put a gear on a peg and drive forward to cross the line


Game Animation


ranking achieved, awards won